Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Spreading yourself around

I thought I would post a bit of what I've been doing during the colder months when its a tad cold to be in the shed working on the Corvette. Now the Corvette is becoming a long term project but I hope to see some action in the next 6 months as I head into body work phase. I also have another one ( Corvette ) which was recently delivered to my place so I can finish it off for a fella in the car club I'm President of.
In the meantime I've gotten my modelling tools out and doing a bit so to speak. Unfortunately or fortunately I model VRNG in On30 but I still like the old VRBG in HO so I'm finding myself torn between the two. Not wanting to spread my hobby dollars too far I have to go between the Corvette and model railways. Luckily ( for some but not for our budget ) my wife is into horses and spends as much if not more than me from time to time.

I'd never in all my time as a modeller of railways ever built an SEM W car. So I thought lets have a go at one. These are a wonderful kit and very simple to put together although I still don't like the bit you have to remove out of the window frame. A few more and I will have a complete passenger train.
I am finding however that as I have gotten older and now wear glasses its becoming more of a challenging if not difficult to do what I used to easily. That aside I do enjoy getting away from the idiot box and sitting within ear shot of the boss doing some finer detail work on the modelling bench.

Also I was introduced to Xtrack cad by a good mate which has allowed me to easily design a layout for the room I have built in the back half of our garage, which is nearly two cars long and two cars wide. I have ended up with a room that is 6mts long by 4mts wide approximately. In the room is a kitchen sink and cupboard along with a work bench area which I have built. Now at the moment my son is using it as his bedroom so he can game into the wee hours without disrupting the rest of the house. When and only when he eventually moves out, I will begin to build what I have planned which is a two level layout with one being HO and the other On30. totally separate from each other.

The layout above is the VRNG in On30 which can utilise the entire room as the sink and work bench is underneath the layout at the right hand end.

The HO layout will be lower and probably require mechanics type stools with wheels to make it easier to operate, where as the On30 will be at chest height for me and I'm 6'5" so if your short and come for a look you may need a step ladder to view the VRNG.

Happy modelling or whatever you like to do?

Cheers Ollie

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