Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another NBH update

Hi all,

Ken and I got together last night and with the bits we have so far from AMK. The NBH now has seating for the passengers and is nearing completion.

We are over the moon with the level of detail the milling process can achieve. Bogies are our next hurdle and at this stage they may also be milled from abs with brass pin point bearings.

Have fun and happy modelling



Sunday, March 6, 2011

NBH kits

I have another update for the NBH kit as AMK engineering are pressing ahead at full speed with the components for the kit.
Below is a photo of the first sample of the seats for the NBH, that are based on the original design from the VR plans.
The legs cross at the corect angle as well as being checked out to fit correctly as per the prototype.
I have glued some scrap abs to the short or end seats so it can sit straight as these will be glued to the end of the car body.

What is hard to make out is the slats that have been machined into the seat base which the next photo will show.

If you want to be a rivet counter, don't bother as it has the correct number of slats as per the drawings and photo's of the few original ones at puffing billy.