Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where do I start, its been 5 years since my last post and I have no excuses , except I'm sorry.
A lot has happened in those five years, I've moved house twice, bought a project C3 Corvette to restore and watched all my model railway gear gather dust whilst its been in storage.
The layout I had has gone and I've started to plan a new one for the spare room I will have once No1 son moves out but they tell me these days they don't move out? I don't even have an area where I can sit down and model in our current home as it too is to be in the spare room as part of the grand plan. So really I have nothing I can offer at this point model railway wise to keep yo all amused.
I can however offer a few photos of the Corvette in progress if that will do.
This has basically kept me away from model railways for the last 5 years.

Cheers Ollie.

1974 C3 corvette Stingray

Body removed and the strip down begins

Lots of repairs to the fiberglass under that primer

Caillen my apprentice busy welding in new frame sections

Replaced a fender which Im going to do again as its damaged on the lower section.

LH trailing arm completed and ready for the spindle ( axle )

Finished LH trailing arm installed with overhauled brake caliper

Fully rebuilt 350 small block chev

Setting up the differential with new gears, 3.55-1

Completed diff ready to install

Diff, drive shafts and trailing arms installed

A rolling frame for the first time in three years

Rolling frame with motor and trans fitted

This is how Gwendolyn looked when we moved to our current residence. I've since removed the body to continue with getting the chassis finished.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another NBH update

Hi all,

Ken and I got together last night and with the bits we have so far from AMK. The NBH now has seating for the passengers and is nearing completion.

We are over the moon with the level of detail the milling process can achieve. Bogies are our next hurdle and at this stage they may also be milled from abs with brass pin point bearings.

Have fun and happy modelling



Sunday, March 6, 2011

NBH kits

I have another update for the NBH kit as AMK engineering are pressing ahead at full speed with the components for the kit.
Below is a photo of the first sample of the seats for the NBH, that are based on the original design from the VR plans.
The legs cross at the corect angle as well as being checked out to fit correctly as per the prototype.
I have glued some scrap abs to the short or end seats so it can sit straight as these will be glued to the end of the car body.

What is hard to make out is the slats that have been machined into the seat base which the next photo will show.

If you want to be a rivet counter, don't bother as it has the correct number of slats as per the drawings and photo's of the few original ones at puffing billy.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

NBH kits

Hi fellow bloggers,

Just a short note to show some of you who might be interested in an up and coming kit for the VR Narrow Gauge On30 NBH excursion cars. It is being milled in ABS plastic and from what we have so far, well I'm impressed. There is still alot of work to do and parts to be made . Below is a couple of samples.

NBH body

NBH roof

NBH floor

It's very early but as you can see the detail is very nice.



Monday, September 27, 2010

Whats lurking in your backyard

Hi all,
Well as the title says what is lurking in your back yard.  Recently I was privy to some information that lead to a surprise that is about 75 years old. Located amongst a holiday shack in the beach side town of Ocean Grove was two VR narrow gauge passenger coaches that were part of a complete structure. Now usually a demolition crowd come in and disconnect all the services then set to the house with a claw which completely wrecks the house. This structure being made of asbestos had to be pulled apart piece by piece and fortunately it did as they started to pull it down the coaches were revealed. The demo mob were smart enough to stop proceedings and contact someone who contacted someone else and so on until The Puffing Billy Preservation society had found there way down south and bought the carriage's.

Something we don't see in our politically correct world.

From what I can find out so far they came from Colac around 1936 and the house was built around and over the two coaches. The end platform NB is apparently no 6 but it is unknown what the swing door NB is. Puffing Billy have rescued these relics from the past and one day we will be able to ride in them.



Monday, April 26, 2010

"Its been a while"

As the title says its been a while since my last post and to be honest I have little to report, Except that I have been moved into the cupboard of our spare bedroom to allow better access to the study. I was sharing the study with the rest of the family but when the kids had friends over I went into panic mode and was constantly checking my projects that were placed all over the bench in different states of completion. We are fortunate to have a spare room which hardly gets used and after a visit to a mates place he had done a similar thing with his computer etc. I have just got the doors fitted ( now by folds ) and the bench got its final coat of gloss clear this morning. The beauty of this is I can just close the doors and no little sticky fingers even know its there.

It still needs some shelving but a trip to bunnings next weekend will take care of that problem. I also got inspired by some of the others around to do some work on my own train room and complete the wiring before the insulation and plaster goes in. The outside is basically complete except for the concrete under the veranda, then the platform will be complete. And yes that is a gangers trolley sitting under the veranda which will be placed on its own length of rail in front of the shed to make its really look like a station.

The shed its self is 6mt x 4 mt which is all I could fit in the backyard but with my limited time I realised I cannot ever build a huge empire so I have had to settle for a compromise. I have a layout inside but I'm hesitant to do anything to it as the shed still needs finishing inside.

My other passion is road bikes and I have been slowly restoring a Yamaha FJ1100 which had been sitting in a mates shed for 10 years so it has to have every seal and bearing replaced and genuine parts are murder.

That's all for now and I hope to be more frequent in the future.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

My way to make a tarp

I was asked by shelton on how I did a tarp for my E wagon and I thought why not share it for all to see and have ago if you wish.
I built a couple of AMK engineering E wagon kits that are availible from Vic Hobby Centre in swanston street melbourne that need a tarp to complete them. After searching all over the forums and having a million ideas trown at me I thought about a model plane I built as a kid and wondered if you could still get the tissue paper and dope to skin the plane. Off to the local hobby shop and asked the question and hey presto they had it in stock. I purchased a metre and a can of dope and returned home. Then it was back on the net to find the size of the tarps. I did have it written down some where but I seamed to have missed placed that for now so I will continue. Whilst I was at the hobby shop I got a single peice of balsa which was about 2 mm thick 100mm wide and about a metre long.
First thing to do is work out the height of the support arm at the end of the wagon and I found that answer on a recently purchased ELX wagon from powerline. Once I had determined the height I made a former for the wagon as the next photo shows

Once the former had been fitted I cut out the tissue paper to suit the wagon. I honestly cannot find those dimensions so what i suggest is measure from the highest point of the rib to where you want the tarp to finish. I would also suggest to over lap the two tarps as you must keep in mind these tarps were made a standard size which fitted the GY's and other similar four wheeler's.
Once your happy with the size draw a line down the middle of the tarp to align it to the rib. Glue the tissue to the rib first then once the glue has dried begin on the sides. If you use super glue be careful as the wagon can become part of your finger in no time.

Once your happy with the side you can finish of on the ends. All the photo's I could find had the tarp's wrapped around from the sides to the ends. Once the glueing is finished you can apply the dope. Please use it a well ventilated room. You can use multipal coats and heavy brush strokes can create a pulling effect on the tissue to simulate a stretched tarp. Set the model aside for the time suggested on the dope instructions then paint the tarp to the desired colour.

And there you have it, a realistic looking tarp that you can say " I did it myself ".

All the best

Wayne ( Ollie )