Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rolling stock

I have almost finished an NC van which is a kit from steam and things. I still have to decal it and give it the usual grime ( seams to be a pattern with me? ) and its ready for service. I reckon I had better get moving and finish the shed so I can get some track laid.

The louvre van is a Ian lindsays models kit which are getting harder to get as I beleive Ian storrie has stopped producing at the moment.

The Narrow stuff

As you may have read in my profile I model two scales, On2 1/2 and Ho. Both are VR but differant ends of the scale ( so too speak). I have a 6mt x 4mt shed that I have built for a dedicated train room and plan to have both "HO" and "O" scales running around it in seperate levels. I have started to draw the plans for the track work for the "O" scale and well I have found two areas that I'm having a problem with, the first is not enough room and the second is not enough time. Both problems work together in that I can't build a huge empire as I don't have the time, so what I have will have too do. I will post the plan when I can get this computer to do what I ask of it.

Well I got it, aparently you cant upload a PDF?. It is a hand drawn copy so I'm sorry for the quality. Any comments would be appreiciated?.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The start?

Welcome to my first post on the blog.

I hope to use this site for posting some photo's of my models I build and share ideas with you. We can all learn from each other about this wonderful hobby and encourage more into the hobby.

I would like to add my first effort at a tarped VR "E" wagon that I reckon came up alright if I do say so myself.

As you can see it still requires the decals and a splat of dullcoat, then the grime.

Another of my favorite wagons is the GH wheat wagon and I have enjoyed putting together the VR products kits. They are time consuming but well and truly worth the effort.