Monday, September 27, 2010

Whats lurking in your backyard

Hi all,
Well as the title says what is lurking in your back yard.  Recently I was privy to some information that lead to a surprise that is about 75 years old. Located amongst a holiday shack in the beach side town of Ocean Grove was two VR narrow gauge passenger coaches that were part of a complete structure. Now usually a demolition crowd come in and disconnect all the services then set to the house with a claw which completely wrecks the house. This structure being made of asbestos had to be pulled apart piece by piece and fortunately it did as they started to pull it down the coaches were revealed. The demo mob were smart enough to stop proceedings and contact someone who contacted someone else and so on until The Puffing Billy Preservation society had found there way down south and bought the carriage's.

Something we don't see in our politically correct world.

From what I can find out so far they came from Colac around 1936 and the house was built around and over the two coaches. The end platform NB is apparently no 6 but it is unknown what the swing door NB is. Puffing Billy have rescued these relics from the past and one day we will be able to ride in them.