Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Its been too long

Where do I start, its been 5 years since my last post and I have no excuses , except I'm sorry.
A lot has happened in those five years, I've moved house twice, bought a project C3 Corvette to restore and watched all my model railway gear gather dust whilst its been in storage.
The layout I had has gone and I've started to plan a new one for the spare room I will have once No1 son moves out but they tell me these days they don't move out? I don't even have an area where I can sit down and model in our current home as it too is to be in the spare room as part of the grand plan. So really I have nothing I can offer at this point model railway wise to keep yo all amused.
I can however offer a few photos of the Corvette in progress if that will do.
This has basically kept me away from model railways for the last 5 years.

Cheers Ollie.

1974 C3 corvette Stingray

Body removed and the strip down begins

Lots of repairs to the fiberglass under that primer

Caillen my apprentice busy welding in new frame sections

Replaced a fender which Im going to do again as its damaged on the lower section.

LH trailing arm completed and ready for the spindle ( axle )

Finished LH trailing arm installed with overhauled brake caliper

Fully rebuilt 350 small block chev

Setting up the differential with new gears, 3.55-1

Completed diff ready to install

Diff, drive shafts and trailing arms installed

A rolling frame for the first time in three years

Rolling frame with motor and trans fitted

This is how Gwendolyn looked when we moved to our current residence. I've since removed the body to continue with getting the chassis finished.

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