Thursday, February 5, 2009

The start?

Welcome to my first post on the blog.

I hope to use this site for posting some photo's of my models I build and share ideas with you. We can all learn from each other about this wonderful hobby and encourage more into the hobby.

I would like to add my first effort at a tarped VR "E" wagon that I reckon came up alright if I do say so myself.

As you can see it still requires the decals and a splat of dullcoat, then the grime.

Another of my favorite wagons is the GH wheat wagon and I have enjoyed putting together the VR products kits. They are time consuming but well and truly worth the effort.


  1. WOW - that E Wagon came out really fine!! How did you put that tarp on? Looks very realistic.


  2. Hi Shelton,
    I used balsa wood to form the tarp centre shape and the stuck model air craft tissue paper to the centre rib created by the balsa. I then glued the tissue paper to the sides of the wagon using super glue. Once I was happy with the glueing I painted on model aircraft dope which pulls the tissue tight and gives you a sealed tissue to paint. I went back to the local hobby store and picked out a paint ( olive green I think ) that I thought would do and painted the tarp. That is as far as I have got. I will post some photo's later if I can find them of the basic process.


  3. Hi Wayne,

    I'm thinking about putting together a small fleet of GH's. What are you thoughts on the kits?



  4. G'day Julian,

    I found them to go together very well but I bought them in 5 packs and had an assembly line going. I'm up to about 20 so far. A little bit of care needs to be taken when joining the sides and ends to get the finish right. A little bit of filling and sand smooth give the correct finish like the prototype. You can also vary the hatch and discharge shute to suit a particular model. Have a look at rob O reagans web site ( ) for some of the differances. Folding up the hand rails was the most boring bit so I purchased Aline grab irons from casula hobbies. They are a drop type which match most of the Gh type. Generally as a kit I think they are excellant but take your time and she'll be right. Also don't forget that Model etch do the walk ways for them ( )which are delicate but look great.
    Have a look at the prototype photo's and do a few variations?.