Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rolling stock

I have almost finished an NC van which is a kit from steam and things. I still have to decal it and give it the usual grime ( seams to be a pattern with me? ) and its ready for service. I reckon I had better get moving and finish the shed so I can get some track laid.

The louvre van is a Ian lindsays models kit which are getting harder to get as I beleive Ian storrie has stopped producing at the moment.


  1. Yes Wayne, Ian has stopped production. At the end of the last financial year, I happened to speak with someone who knew that Ian was going to cease production. so i sent him a quick e-mail to find out for myself. He unfortunately said that he'd stopped production, but if I placed an order he'd see what he could muster up. The short answer, (if there ever is one with me!)is that I put together a huge wish list, hoping I'd get about a third, well I ended up getting it all! A bit of a stretch of the modelling dollar, however if they are never to return I figure it's worth it.

    The Vic stuff is something I love to see as I grew up in Melbourne. However I live in Qld now, and model NSW... a long story, for another time. Your work is certainly worth the effort! They've come up looking great, Geoff.

  2. Thanks Geoff,
    I did the same with Ian, infact we spoke on the phone for about two hours. I also stretched the budget beyond all control but I have enough rolling stock kits to run the whole layout that I have on the drawing board. All I have to do is assemble about 20 kits?. In between times I like to fiddle with the VR HO stuff as well so with a young family its a matter of balancing my time and finances.
    Regards Wayne